M205 Electrical Instruments P&B Weir Class Demonstration (Copy)

Interchangeable, clip-on dials have the scale printed on both sides to enable the lecturer to read the instrument from either side. A corresponding range of Black or White accessories allow simple and rapid expansion of the basic meter sensitivity tailored to suit the course requirements. The scale length is 23cms (9”) and the instruments are universal and available in two sensitivities:

Model M202- Utilising a range of Black accessories, this model has a 10mA 100mV Full Scale Deflection. It can be converted into a Galvanometer with a sensitivity of 5–0-5mA and a resistance of 10 Ohms.

Model M203- Utilising a range of White accessories or separate multi-range voltage and current units, this model has a 1mA 100mV Full Scale Deflection. It can be converted into a Galvanometer with a sensitivity of 500–0-500µA and a resistance of 100 Ohms.

The non-dedicated dial enables the same dial to be used for several applications making the instrument more economical than integral dial – and – accessory type instruments. A range of dedicated shunts, multipliers and dials is available to make this a versatile instrument. The sealed, dust-proof Perspex case allows a clear view of the functional parts and the externally fitted clip-on dials protects the instrument movement from damage or contamination. The pointer can easily and safely be adjusted between either centre or side zero positions.

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