SM302 APC682 Electrical Instruments P&B Weir (Copy)

The 100µA 100mV movement is sensitive and accurate, making it ideal for Secondary and Further Education experiments. It is presented in a robust, high impact ABS desk stand making it suitable for everyday use by students. Diodes are fitted to provide overload protection.

[table] Stand-alone instruments are available as:||
SM/79 |Ammeter |0-1A
SM/79/5 |Ammeter |0-5A
SM/80 |Voltmeter |0-5V
SM/80/15 |Voltmeter |0-15V
[/table] [table] Dual range instruments are available as:||
SM/178 Dual-range |Ammeter |0-1-5A
SM179 Dual-range |Voltmeter |0-5-15V
[/table] [table] Galvanometers are available as:[attr colspan=”3″] SM/180 |Galvanometer |3-0-3mA
SM/180S |Galvanometer |3-0-3mA with shorting switch (30-0-30mV)
SM/100/50 |Galvanometer – Voltmeter/Microammeter |100-0-100V & 50-0-50uA

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P&B Weir Electrical is a globally recognised designer, manufacturer and supplier of temporary portable earthing, voltage detectors and Buchholz Relays.

With a heritage spanning over eighty years, and world class experience in equipment designed for the safe maintenance of power systems, P&B Weir Electrical provide customers with high quality service, reliable solutions and technical expertise.