This series comprises five dual-range Digital Student Meters which cover most of the AC and DC voltage and current measurement requirements of today’s science courses. The large 3.1/2 digit Liquid Crystal Display makes this meter easy to use and read. The high impact grey ABS plastic desk stand is fitted with 4mm sockets with captive terminals, a 9 volt battery compartment – which can be opened without dismantling the instrument – and On/Off switch.

All meters are protected against overload and will tolerate accidental connection to the mains supply. The inputs are resistance limited to have a minimum input impedance of 10 megohm; current ranges above 10 Amps are fitted with fusible links which can easily be replaced using 15 Amp fuse wire.

Power Supply: 9V PP3 battery

Battery life with Alkaline (500mA/Hour) batteries is better than 2,000 hours, and a low battery indicator, incorporated in the LCD display, indicates the end of battery life.

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