Repairs and Testing of Portable Earthing from PBwel

With proper care and attention our quality products can last for many years but when general wear and tear happens, PBwel offer a comprehensive repair and testing service.

If and when you require testing of portable earthing, inform us as soon as possible as we understand the tight deadlines associated with the Electricity Supply and Rail industries. Our experienced engineers aim to test or repair products as soon as we receive them at our Corsham manufacturing plant.

testing of portable earthing

Inspection of Operating Poles

Our operating poles can be tested for leakage current and new fittings can be applied if required once testing is complete. Voltage detectors can be calibrated at our in-house electrical facility by a qualified engineer. Full certification can be provided giving you full peace of mind that your equipment is giving you the protection you expect and require.

Recalibration of Buchholz Relays

Buchholz Relays can be repaired and calibrated by one of our specialist engineers. When serviced regularly PBwel Buchholz Relays can safeguard your transformer from dangerous faults for decades.

Testing of Portable Earthing

PBwel supply a large range of portable clamps for up to 400kV use, these can also be returned for maintenance or repairs. Our quality engineer will check that the operating screws and threads are working correcting and free from debris, we will also check the screws and plates. The main body and jaws will be checked for major cracks and damaged elements to ensure that the clamp is fit for use. The testing of portable earthing is of vital importance, as these products are safety critical, and must be in fully operational use to provide adequate levels of safety.

Aluflex Leads

We can also supply Aluflex leads in any length required in a range of sizes including 50sqmm, 120sqmm and 150sqmm. We can also supply Copper leads depending upon size and quantity required. When leads are returned for testing or repairs we will check the PVC sheath for any kinks, tears or nicks. We will also check by hand that the internal stranding is intact and flexible. The lugs will be compressed correctly onto the leads, and we will undertake a resistance test on all leads.


Alternatively, PBwel offer a training course on the repair and maintenance of Portable Earthing equipment whereby we can visit your stores and discuss requirements with you personally.

Long Blue Interlock Earths

Interlock Earth


The Interlock Earth from PBwel

The Long Blue Interlock Earth from PBwel has been designed to solve a pressing need in the Rail Industry.

The equipment has been specially enhanced in order to address the potentially fatal procedure of removing the equipment in the incorrect order of use. To ensure that the Line End clamp is removed prior to the Earth End clamp, it incorporates a special key which must be used to remove the Earth End clamp. The tamper-proof lock arrangement is an integral part of both clamps and P&B Weir can provide up to 20 combinations. This is to deter ‘master keys’ being used to fool the system.

This interlock earth is for providing temporary earth bonds between overhead catenary or contact conductors and earthed rail sections or recognised earthing points.

The CE63 (J117-NSE) Earth End clamp is a steel fabricated clamp for application to all rail types, steel framework and earthing points. The clamp is fitted with disc springs to ensure secure location. All components are plated to provide adequate protection on site.

PBwel. Moving with the times.


After many years of excellent service within PBSI Group, P&B Weir Electrical Ltd has now been acquired by Novarc Group. Formally known as Sibille Industry, Novarc Group has almost doubled its turnover over the past five years, and plans to exceed a 200 million Euro turnover within the next five.


A division of Novarc Group is ESP (Electrical Safety Products), of which P&B Weir Electrical Ltd, or PBwel, is now a part. The division specialises in the manufacture and distribution of safety equipment for the operating of electrical systems. ESP products include PPE, Substation equipment, lights, ladders and more. ESP is a pioneer in the manufacture of insulated tools, and constantly strives to improve upon its product line. By investing in the acquisition of leading brands, as well as research and development, ESP has developed a comprehensive range of high-performance products adapted to changing electricity industry needs worldwide.


This means change for PBwel, with our customers’ needs at the heart of everything we do. We have rebranded the company, a new company name (PBwel), online presence and internal ethos reflect our desire to best meet our customers’ needs for high quality portable earthing equipment, at a reasonable price and fast turnaround.


Further to this, we now have access to the entire product range of the ESP division. In time we will be updating our website and literature to reflect this growth- we will be able to offer engineers everything that they will require to undertake their important roles as safely and efficiently as possible.


PBwel and ESP are a perfect fit, as our core values are aligned. Both divisions believe in ensuring that all engineers working on electrical systems are as safe as possible, and that companies may benefit from our prompt service.


We look forward to growing with Novarc and SFE, and to increasing our offering to suit all of your requirements.


P&B Weir Electrical is a globally recognised designer, manufacturer and supplier of temporary portable earthing, voltage detectors and Buchholz Relays.

With a heritage spanning over eighty years, and world class experience in equipment designed for the safe maintenance of power systems, P&B Weir Electrical provide customers with high quality service, reliable solutions and technical expertise.